We don’t need no education.

And that’s why schools are closed for the remainder of the school year. Now… What will they do about next year? Repeat the grade for all students? All students except seniors? Push everyone through? Time will tell.

Until then, a few teachers are holding weekly virtual classrooms to keep the kids involved, and handing out packets for the kids to complete. Also some are giving silly, non-mandatory assignments to keep them connected and attentive.

This is really some uncharted territory. When I started 7th grade the teachers went on strike after the first week and we had a long summer. The school district brought in substitutes for the seniors so they could graduate, but it was nothing like this. We went back after they reached an agreement and school went until June 30th if I remember correctly (it was 32 years ago for crying out loud).

If the PSEA decides that all the students should repeat the school year I feel bad for the kids. Every student enrolled in school today will graduate at 19 (given that they don’t have to repeat a grade). Shout out to my buddy Jason who was 21 our senior year (thanks for all the beer)!