So a few months ago I saws this cool little thingy to sync your shell history across all your machines. It’s called Atuin. At first, I was like, “Oh, that’s cool. I’ll check it out.” And then I didn’t. Forgotten, sequestered in the realm of cool-shit-I-saw-once-and-promptly-forgot-about.

Then it popped up on Hacker News and I remembered it and was like, “Oh yeah! I should try that again.” And then I didn’t.

And then, bro, I did. I fired up the sync server in a Docker container, put the app on a few of my servers and BOOM, I love it.

It was stupidly simple, too. I chose to install my own sync server (of course I did) insteasd of using the author’s (who so graciciously runs a public instance for free), installed the app from AUR, added a line to my .zshrc, signed in to my server and ran the sync command.

Right now I have about 25,000 commands in my history. That sounds nuts, but there’s fuzzy search. Booya! And importing your shell history is a breeze. Go do it. NOW!