Yesterday we picked up Jameson from an extended visit with his father, whom had plotted and planned this long weekend after he was informed that Jameson would be going to preschool 5 day per week after the first of the year. His father very quickly hatched the plan to have the long weekend fearing lost time with his son.

On the ride home he asked us twice if we felt good. Strange, but he repeats a lot of strange things, so not really out of character. Then this morning the father calls to inform us of his wife’s positive Covid test.

So using my astounding powers of deduction, we decided that TJ was asking his bride all weekend if she felt ok, mostl likely having been tested on Friday or Saturday with the results coming back today. His claim was she was tested this morning but that is, to put it eloquently, bullshit.

So he knowingly proceeded with his long weekend (even taking both children to the aquarium and Chuck E. Cheese) with the full knowledge that they were infected with Coronavirus.

Try as she might, Susie could not get him an appointment for testing before Friday, so we’re quarantined. Jameson from school, Mason to his mother’s, but I’m miraculously allowed to go to work until I show signs of infection. :eye_roll:

Long story short, TJ is a self-absorbed jackass who shared his family’s Covid with mine. Prick.