For the first time in 10 years I was ejected from a baseball game. It started with a shit umpire and ended with a shit umpire.

We played Valley West today. I sent Tim a picture. Then it got bad.

The home plate ump, who was working alone, made a series of bad call against Berwick. The last straw was against Mason, who was called out when he had tagged first while the baseman was in the air trying to catch the throw.

I kinda lost it, a little bit. I heard the phrase “Are you fucking serious?” come out of my mouth. Too late. I started packing up my 3 pink chairs (I was waiting for Susie and Jameson to arrive) because I knew I was out of line. The ump, predictablty, said whoever cursed was out.


As I was packing up the chairs, this fucking ass clown had the balls to make a comment about the pink chairs.

Lid = Flipped

I courteously invited him outside the field to have a talk. He declined.

At this point the Berwick AD stepped in to clarify the happenings. I explained my side of the cas, citing the umpire’s testicular fortitude in commenting on my pink chairs.

The dugout found my choice of words entertaining and I was the subject of the group chat that night.

The AD and High School coach had a phone conference that night and 2 days later we had 2 umpires at the game, and word has it the previous umpire is either fired, or has a couple week suspension.

Either way I’m happy. He won’t call oanymore of Mason’s games, or Jameson’s if he decides to play.

PLus I’m now a nit of a celebrity