Our country is in the midst of a revolution. Not your 24 hour planetary type, but the type that galvanizes change. At least that’s what the media and the historians say. But historically none of that ever happens. People riot for equality, and when they get a little bit, temporarily, they forget why they stood up.

The police in this current age seem to think they have unlimited powers and immunity. This is being proven wrong, daily, in the urban streets

Fuck yeah!



She’s 100% right.

If we are to progress as a people, as a whole, as humans, because we all live on planet Earth, then we need to stop fighting over what color skin the other person has, what god he prays to, and who he thinks is the best politician. Because if ET shows up wanting our water supply, do you really think the Jews will be saved because some dude thought that guys who don’t shave their sideburns would be exempt from anal probing because they wear a yarmulke?


We are not alone in this universe. And if we decide we want to continue as a bipedal, intelligent species, independent of thought and masters of our world then we better get over the petty bullshit of race and caste that we callously impose on other human beings that we perceive as less important than ourselves.

The moral is, everyone is made from the same genetic material as every other asshole on this planet. Skin color is nothing but a measure of tan. Get over it. Asshole.