Here it is! The best time of year! The Holiday Season!

So I’m not a huge holidays person. Christmas was my mom’s favorite holiday. She went all out with decorating, baking, music. The works. And after she died it was always a hard time for me. When Mason was little, and he believed, it was easier. I enjoyed the season. But then he turned into a teenager and the spirit vanished! I had a few rough years where I was sad around this time of year.

This year is altogether different. We’re all living together now, and Susie is going ape-shit! She loves this stuff. And I’m playing the begrudging old man, giving her a hard time and rolling my eyes at her excitement. But, really, I think this year will be fun. The last 2 years in the apartment we didn’t even have a Christmas tree. So this should be a good holiday season.

Susie has already started decorating, and today we bought $100 worth of new stuff to put up. So I guess I’m on-board.

Thanksgiving is 3 days away and it doesn’t quite feel like it, but we’re ready. I’m ready to eat! Also, Susie and Kaylee are doing the Run For The Diamonds, so that should be entertaining. We’re hosting The Feast this year, even though it’ll only be 5 with Kaylee. But I have off on Friday, so this year I’ll get to watch football all day and have some Holiday Spirits. Last year I got suckered into hanging Christmas lights at the Grella House. Jeez

Happy Holidays!