I guess it’s time to start a Coronavirus blog.

Friday March 13th, Governor Wolf declares all schools statewide to close for 2 weeks. Tentative reopening date of March 30th.

Not much really happened between then and now, aside from thousands of new cases worldwide and close to 200 he in PA. Oh, and 10,030 total dead at the time of this publication.

Thursday March 19th, Governor Wolf orders all non-life-saving businesses to close by 8pm. My employer is going to have meetings about possibly closing tomorrow. We make fucking windows. For Canada.

This may be a real sticking point. The governor is threatening to fine those businesses who violate the order, take away business licenses and withhold federal relief money.

Speaking of, bills are about to be passed to pay affected workers. I’m a little torn, do I take a vacation or go to Giant and get another job?

This is a truly insane time. I can’t believe I’m about to live through this crazy slice of history. World Pandemic!