So as all Cardinal Wilkes-Barre employees learned on Friday, our illustrious Plant Manager values money over employee health and wellness.

We can watch the number of infected people rise alarmingly everyday, and see that he remains unconcerned, calling this pandemic “No Big Deal!”

We received hard copies today, of a letter to inform PSP that we are, in fact, allowed to work during the shutdown. The fucks!

So today I wore an N95 mask all day, and gloved up for every call I answered.

Then around 16:00 this afternoon we got a text stating Canada had closed up shop, and we will probably go to 1 shift per day, 07:00 to 15:30 (except us PM techs, we still work 12s on the weekend).

Anywho, 644 infected, 6 deceased at time of writing.