Here’s the truth. The election wasn’t rigged or stolen. It was free, fair and not at all fraudulent. The results were certified by all 50 states, affirmed by congress, and had the single best turnout ever.

Trump started to sow the seeds of doubt in early 2020, saying that any election he didn’t win was “rigged”, attacking mail-in votes as fraudulent and illegal, all while voting by mail himself. The reason for that? For decades mail-in voting has long-favored the Democrats. If you think the Republicans don’t know that, you’d better think again.

The fact is, Trump dismantled the Republican party. For his own benefit. If you need evidence, turn on literally any TV station other than Fox News, OANN/Newsmax. Open your eyes. Look what is happening.

And now you chest-beating fanboys are his last, ardent supporters. An desperately narrow minority of white supremacists, neo-nazis, bigots and traitors, losing your grip on “power”. And rest assured, if Trump decides that you, this lunatic fringe, are no longer useful to him he will turn on you just as fast as he’s turned on every other person in his entire life.