The republican party is at war with itself. Two factions, the old conservatives and the new radicals. As I’m writing this Kevin McCarthy is holding a party meeting to discuss the fate of two Congresswomen, Liz Cheney and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

To illustrate the polar ends of the party, Cheney who is the 3 most powerful Republican is taking heat for voting to impeach Trump for the 2nd time after his fiasco at the capital. And Greene is under fire for, well, many things. QAnon, white supremacy, anti-Semitism, and unfortunately, Jewish-controlled, wildfire-causing space “lazers.” No joke.

If the spineless bootlicker McCarthy can’t bring his party under control it will spiral out, and I fear the young, radical, far-right members will take over. That’s sad and scary and unfortunate. And if that’s ultimately the case, if Trump still holds so much sway over his voter base that members of his party are afraid to speak out for fear of losing their political careers, then the right wing nutjobs will take over.

The silver lining to that, of course, is that many, many people will become disgusted and move on from the party; taking their votes and money elsewhere, to other candidates or perhaps the Democratic party. And that would suit me just fine.