In 2018 around the time of the primary elections I started to sour on Facebook. My Twitter account had been dormant for almost 2 years. More and more I started to get upset by the posts on FB. Peoples views and opinion were being expressed more every day. It was becoming a political hotbed. I instantly grew tired of the posts that weren’t memes, and that didn’t make me laugh. I thought, “Why would you people post that shit here and ruin a fun place?”

It turns out, I was a bit naive. Social media would go 180 and become a place of political opinion and misinformation. Even from major news networks. I was confused and irritated. I once scoffed at the pictures of your brunch. Now I wanted those irreverent moments back.

So I ditched Facebook. And felt pretty good about it. News was just beginning to circulate that maybe Facebook wasn’t treating everyone fairly. Then I met my girlfriend who was very anti Facebook, so it was easy for me to just bail.

Well, today I signed back in and started to go through my 500+ “friends”. And I just simply unfollowed those whose posts were the most egregious, judging them by how I would feel if my son posted the content.

Very liberating! I’ll be continuing this practice over then next few weeks. If you disagree with me, or my views, feel free to do the same to me!