So, quite a few things happening recently and I haven’t been updating much. Oops, sorry ):

First and foremost, Susie is now moved out and waiting on her security deposit. Woot! The apartment/house search continues.

Also, the folks in charge of WBIG are morons. First day of the new schedule and it was a cluster fuck of epic proportions. Meh. Which means, it’s Monday, and it’s my weekend. Weird.

And the best news of the past week; I got my car back today, and also finally got my stimulus check. $1,450 baby! And the first 1K goes to Susie for my car. FUCK. (Also, where the hell is my tax refund???)

More later. Peace.P.S.I finally get to listen to SiriusXM and Liquid Metal is seriously 100% Metallica right now.