Would You Say I Have A Plethora Of News?

So, quite a few things happening recently and I haven't been updating much. Oops, sorry ):

First and foremost, Susie is now moved out and waiting on her security deposit. Woot! The apartment/house search continues.

Also, the folks in charge of WBIG are morons. First day of the new schedule and it was a cluster fuck of epic proportions. Meh.
Which means, it's Monday, and it's my weekend. Weird.

And the best news of the past week; I got my car back today, and also finally got my stimulus check. $1,450 baby! And the first 1K goes to Susie for my car. FUCK.
(Also, where the hell is my tax refund???)

More later. Peace.
P.S. I finally get to listen to SiriusXM and Liquid Metal is seriously 100% Metallica right now

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